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COTTONCAKE l’eau de parfum 50ml

COTTONCAKE l’eau de parfum 50ml



Soft Sencha: This subtle, yet elegant fragrance is built upon a harmonious base of blonde wood, a heart of green tea and top notes of bergamot and cardamom.

April Haze: This fragrance is an omen of the summer to come awakened by the elements of nature itself: sun, salty water, warm wood and a hint of florals.

L’eau Coco: This outrageous base balanced by a heart of orchid and airy top notes of green palm leaves and Cuban jasmine.

Love Shack: A comforting base of cedar wood and vetiver roots. With a heart of aged leather, completed by soft top notes of sensual dew rose and patchouli leaves.

Nomad Noir: The complexity arises from a decadent base of traditional incense and sacred wood, tempered by a heart of soft Arabian jasmine, and sweetened by top notes of amber and powdery musk.

Inhoud: 50ml. Ook verkrijgbaar in handige travel size 10ml.

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L'eau de parfum 50ml

April Haze, Soft Sencha, L'eau Coco, Love Shack, Nomad Noir

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